Do you know what time it is?

Morris Day and the Time | Hot Springs National Park, AR

Flamboyant musical star Morris Day and his band, The Time, will provide the post-parade free entertainment on March 17, 2018, immediately following the First Ever 15th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Hot Springs.

Day, a Minneapolis schoolmate of musical legend Prince, takes funkiness to new levels. “He’ll be the perfect topping for the zany vibe that our little parade brings to our guests,” said Steve Arrison, CEO of Visit Hot Springs and one of the creators of the annual celebration of wackiness.

Born in Minneapolis, Day had a flair for fashion. Inspired by photographs of his grandfather in zoot suits, a true fashionista was formed! Day went to school with Prince Rogers Nelson and sang in Prince's first band, Grand Central. Prince grew as an artist and so did the opportunity around him. The Time was originally created as Prince's alter ego to be seen as the cool, streetwise funk band contrasting Prince's more soulful R&B sound.

After looking at several lead vocalists, Prince wanted someone with mad talent so he cast his high school friend, Day, in that role. Soon after, Morris Day and The Time were cast in Prince’s movie, “Purple Rain,” which captured the exploding Minneapolis music scene at its peak.

Day soon burst onto the public scene with the group’s self-titled album, “The Time,” which included “Get It Up,” “Cool,” and “Girl.” Soon after the world was introduced to the prolific Minneapolis music marvel, the group went on to record three more albums, including “What Time Is It?” (featuring the hits “777-9311,” “Wild and Loose,” “Walk,” and “Gigolos Get Lonely Too”) and “Ice Cream Castle,” (which included the hit “Jungle Love”). After three albums Day launched his solo career, releasing three albums: “The Color of Success,” “Daydreaming,” and “Guaranteed.” Combined sales of Day’s solo work and “The Time” exceed 10 million units.